Automation Integration: PC control and applications, PLC control, graphical interfaces, advanced coordinated precision motion control, machine vision, data collection and reporting, web applications.

About HiTech Computing

HiTech Computing is an association of northwest Ohio specialist in state of the art motion control, computer control, PC applications, machine vision, machine design, machine building and electrical power and control installation, networking and data collection.  We have a combined experience of over 90 years in a broad variety of applications inclusive of the printing industry, process control and material handling.

Machine and Electrical design and build

HiTech Computing is a full service organization poised to evaluate, recommend, design and implement your mechanical, electrical and automation needs.

Automated Gantry Storage and Retrieval

HiTech Computing applies state of the art lasers measuring and servo motion controls for safe automated storage of large parts, such a heavy printing cylinders.

Packaging, Printing and Converting Industry

Our expertise in servo, AC vector and stepper motion control, coupled with extensive electrical controls and machine building, makes us a logical choice for rebuilding your press.  Your press could qualify for a gearless conversion. 

Material Handling; Food and Grain

HiTech Computing has extensive experience in food and grain material handling, including automated weighing and distribution.

Process Control

Hitech Computing has years of experience in process control, including temperature, pressure, flow, weight, metering and level.

PC Control and Data Sharing

PC control is receiving wide acceptance, delivering greater flexibility with a greatly reduced system cost.  PC programming is nothing new to HiTech Computing, with a decade of installations  running reliably today.

PC control provides a single point of direct hardware and software for control, user interfaces, control monitoring, communications, networking, databases, Web services, spread sheets, Window documents and many other built-in Windows interfaces.
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