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Press Rebuilds

  • Do you have a mechanically sound press, but are falling short of your printing expectations?

  • Is your press unable to meet current or potential customer registration requirements, thus missing business opportunities?

  • Are web breaks all too common?

  • Are you having deck impression and adjustment control problems?

  • Are you having considerable registration upsets with speed changes?

  • Is press maintenance and downtime impacting your profit margins due to failing motors, motor drives, control devices, electronics, etc.?

  • Is the cost of replacing obsolete or near obsolete parts that are controlling your press, becoming more expensive than new technology, yet with marginal performance?

  • Are replacement parts becoming more and more difficult to find?

  • Are you concerned that replacement parts will not be available for as long as you would like to keep your press?

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If you answered yes to one or more of the above questions, you may want to consider a press rebuild feasibility study.  Many older presses are built with a solid mechanical foundation, but dated motor drive and sensor technology limits registration and general control of the press tension and speed.  As well, your aging press imposes a heavy penalty on service and replacement parts.  The cost of retrofitting an existing press is a fraction of the cost of buying and installing a new press.  Additionally, the cost of a rebuild may be recouped by eliminating the high cost of maintaining and replacing near obsolete parts.  HiTech Computing can provide a feasibility study to determine if your press qualifies for a rebuild.  If so, we can quote, design and implement a retrofit system.

Feasibility Study Benefits

  • Examine speed coordination, torque, power requirements, controls and wiring of your current press, followed by a written health report of your press's coordinated control capabilities and mechanics.
  • A written report of your press's control technology and mechanical shortcomings and if qualifying for a retrofit, submit a recommended upgrade strategy.
  • A written quotation for the recommended upgrades based upon facts from the feasibility study, rather than a broad quotation with hidden contingency costs.