Automation Integration: PC control and applications, PLC control, graphical interfaces, advanced coordinated precision motion control, machine vision, data collection and reporting, web applications.

Automated Rack Storage and Retrieval

  • Are you storing heavy objects, such as cylinders and palletized material by hoist and hand?

  • Do you consider your storage methods an injury risk activity?

  • Do you have problems tracking storage locations?

  • Would you like to store and track by a variety of identifications and groups?

  • Do you think there must be a better way to store and retrieve?

Benefits of our rack storage

  • A reliable, safe and efficient storage and retrieval system.
  • A reliable laser and servo controlled system using quality and low maintenance state of the art hardware and software.
  • A graphical user-friendly touch screen interface for extremely quick and easy storage and retrieval.  The touch screen displays rack layout graphics with parts ID, size, description, etc. (defined by user).
  • A network accessible database for reporting current rack storage by part ID, size, description, etc. (defined by user)
  • Greatly increase floor space by utilizing unused vertical space.